Aptina LogoSind Han­dy­vi­deos bald in 4K-Auf­lö­sung mög­li­ch? Apt­i­na kün­dig­te heu­te in einer Press­mit­tei­lung zwei neue Bild­sen­so­ren mit 12 (AR1230) und 13-Mega­pi­xel (AR1330) an. Bereits im Okto­ber letz­ten Jah­res gab es Gerüch­te, das ein 4K-fähi­ger Chip für Video­auf­nah­men bei Apt­i­na in der Ent­wick­lung sei. Zu die­sem Zeit­punkt ist man davon aus­ge­gan­gen, dass die­ser haupt­säch­li­ch in neu­en Diti­gal­ka­me­ras wie der Nikon 1er Serie zum Ein­satz kommt.

Die neu­en Chips sind mit Apt­i­n­as A-PixHS und Apt­i­n­a­Mo­bi­leH­DR-Tech­no­lo­gie aus­ge­stat­tet, wel­che auch bei schlech­ten Licht­ver­hält­nis­sen per­fek­te Bil­der lie­fern sol­len. Der neue Bild­sen­sor soll nur in High-End-Smart­pho­nes ver­baut wer­den.

1.1 Micron Pixel Technologie

Die 1.1 Micron Pixel Tech­no­lo­gie wird ein wich­ti­ger Fak­tor für die Mobi­le-Indus­trie. Über die nächs­ten vier Jah­re gibt die­se Her­stel­lern von mobi­len Gerä­ten die Mög­lich­keit, Bild­sen­so­ren mit einer höhe­ren Auf­lö­sung bei glei­chem Form­fak­tor zu ver­bau­en. Das 1/3 Zoll For­mat wird aber wei­ter­hin der bestim­men­de Form­fak­tor bei Mid- und High-End-Smart­pho­nes blei­ben“ sagt Tet­suo Omo­ri, Sr. Mobil­in­dus­trie-Ana­lyst bei Tech­no Sys­tems Rese­ar­ch.

Mobile HDR Technologie:

Die Mobi­le HDR Tech­no­lo­gie erhöhrt die dyna­mi­sche Licht-Band­brei­te bis zu 24 Dezi­bel, wäh­rend die Bild­schär­fe, auch bei beweg­ten Bil­dern nicht beein­flusst wird. Das Ergeb­nis ist ein schar­fes, kla­res Bild, egal in wel­chen Licht­ver­hält­nis­sen auf­ge­nom­men.

Voll­ge­packt mit inno­va­ti­ven Fea­tures ist der Sen­sor AR-1230 in der Lage, 4K-Videos (Ultra HD) mit 30 Bil­dern pro Sekun­de, sowie 1080p-Auf­nah­men mit 96 Bil­der pro Sekun­de auf­zu­zeich­nen. Letz­te­res eig­net sich per­fekt für Zeit­lu­pen­auf­nah­men. Der gro­ße Bru­der AR-1330 hat auch noch einen erwei­ter­ten Bild­sta­bi­li­sa­tor an Board und ist somit die bes­te Lösung, Videos im 4K Cine­ma-For­mat auf­zu­neh­men. Wei­te­re Fea­tures sind SuperS­low­Mo­ti­on, neue Zoom-Metho­dik und die Mög­lich­keit Videos in 3D auf­zu­neh­men.


Der Bild­sen­sor mit der Modell­be­zeich­nung AR1230 (12 Mega­pi­xel) ist ab sofort für Groß­be­stel­ler ver­füg­bar. Der 13 Mega­pi­xel-Sen­sor, AR1330, wur­de gera­de an Tes­ter ver­teilt und wird im Som­mer die­sen Jah­res in die Mas­sen­pro­duk­ti­on gehen.

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Aptina advances Smartphone imaging with a family of 1.1-micron pixel-based
SAN JOSE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
Aptina announced today the introduction of its 12-megapixel (MP) and
13-megapixel mobile image sensors targeting high end Smartphone manufacturers.
Integrating Aptina`s most advanced pixel technology, the new sensors combine 3rd
generation Aptina A-PixHS and 4th generation AptinaMobileHDR technology to
deliver superior low light performance and best-in-class still and high speed
video high dynamic range (HDR) allowing consumers to take exceptional pictures
and video regardless of lighting conditions. The smaller 1.1-micron pixel
provides dramatic results with incredibly fine detail rivaling the performance
of digital still cameras and enabling advanced features high end mobile devices

"1.1-micron pixel technology will be a significant driver in the mobile industry
over the next four years providing a path for handset makers to offer higher
resolution sensors in the same form factors. The 1/3-inch format will continue
to be the dominant form factor for designers of mid to high-end smart phones,"
said Tetsuo Omori, Sr. Mobile Industry Analyst at Techno Systems Research. 

Both sensors take advantage of 4th generation Aptina MobileHDR technology which
increases dynamic range as much as 24 decibels (dB) while maintaining image
sharpness and compensating for motion making it perfect for video and still
images. The end result is crisp, clear images and videos across varying lighting

Fully equipped with innovative features that produce color- rich video and
images in full field of view, the AR1230 captures crisp 4K -UHD video at 30fps
as well as 1080P video up to 96fps for smooth playback. The AR1330 increases
video capabilities by providing enhanced electronic image stabilization support
in 1080P mode while capturing video in both 4K UHD and 4K Cinema formats at
30fps. Additionally, both sensors support advanced features like super slow
motion video, new zoom methodologies, computational array imaging and 3D image
capture which allows OEMs to offer unique solutions in their latest Smartphones.

"Built on Aptina`s smallest, and most advanced 1.1-micron pixel technology, the
AR1230 and AR1330 image sensors provide the high resolution, impressive
low-light sensitivity, and advanced features manufacturers of high end
Smartphone are looking for," said Gennadiy Agranov, Pixel CTO and Vice President
at Aptina. "These sensors are the first of a family of new, high quality
1.1-micron based products being sampled by our customers, and which Aptina will
be delivering in the coming years." 


The AR1230 is now in production and is available for mass production orders
immediately. The AR1330 is sampling now and will be in production by summer of
2013. Available in die for OEMs and manufacturers who have their own ISP; these
sensors are also available with Aptina`s imaging co-processor for a fully tuned,
complete camera solution. 

The AR1230 and AR1330 sensors are available in standard 8.5 x 8.5mm modules with
low Z-heights to leading OEMs and camera module integrators. The AR1330 is
manufactured on the latest 300mm CMOS image sensor process at TSMC producing
category leading image sensor performance. 

About Aptina

Aptina is a global provider of CMOS imaging solutions that enable Imaging
Everywhere. Using performance enhancing technologies like AptinaA-PixAptina
A-PixHS , DR-Pix and award winning MobileHDR, Aptina has created a
market-leading portfolio of image sensor products found in leading consumer
electronics like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital and video cameras, as
well as applications in surveillance, automotive, medical, video conferencing,
and gaming. Aptina drives innovation in the market with products like the 14MP
MT9F002 used in the AWARE-2 gigapixel multi-array camera, the AR0331
surveillance image sensor, and the MT9H004 16MP APS-C DSLR camera sensor. For
additional information on Aptina visit www.aptina.com. 

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