The second sea­son of the Net­flix series “Hou­se of Cards ” will be strea­med in 4K star­ting Febru­ary 14th. Requi­re­ments are a new Ultra HD TVs from LG , Sony or Sam­sung as well es a fast inter­net con­nec­tion. Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, the offer is limi­ted to the U.S. mar­ket.

Net­flix is hot for Ultra HD. Thats why the VOD-ser­vice is strea­ming its exclu­si­ve series “Hou­se of Cards” in 4k reso­lu­ti­on. The Stream will be avail­ab­le from Febru­ary 14th. As “HDTV­test” and “Mul­tich­an­nel News” reports, the 4k streams seem to be alre­ady online. All Net­flix ori­gi­nal series , such as ” Oran­ge is the New Black” are alre­ady pro­du­ced in 2160p. The video -on-demand ( VOD) pro­vi­der will also offer series of other stu­di­os in UHD such as ” Brea­king Bad” .

New 4K TV and fast internet required

If you want to use the ser­vices of Net­flix you need a cur­rent Ultra HD TVs from LG , Sony, Vizio or Sam­sung with HDMI 2.o and HEVC ( H.265 ) deco­der in addi­ti­on to your Net­flix mem­bership. In addi­ti­on, a fast Inter­net con­nec­tion of at least 15 Mbit/s is requi­red. Net­flix recom­mends 50 Mbit/s. The strea­ming con­tent is trans­mit­ted with 15.6 Mbit / s . That’s almost twice as much as the cur­rent hig­hest data through­put of 7 Mbit/s

At the same time Net­flix announ­ces to can­cel the sup­port for 3D con­tent. The demand was sim­ply too low. Ultra HD won’t give the necessa­ry push to 3D so that it’s worth a pro­duc­tion in the third dimen­si­on.

4K Trailer Season 2 House of Cards:

Net­flix streams second sea­son of “Hou­se of Cards” in 4K
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