Quen­tin Taran­ti­no is pre­pa­ring him­s­elf for ano­t­her ride into the wild west. With “The hate­ful Eight”, Taran­ti­no is ent­e­ring the spa­ghet­ti-wes­tern gen­re once again, as he hopes to build on his latest suc­cess “Djan­go Unchai­ned”. The direc­tor and wri­ter has also writ­ten a part for his good fri­end Chris­toph Waltz. He hopes that the Ger­man-Aus­tri­an actor will work with him once again. Filming begins in Sum­mer 2014.

The Hateful Eight” is still the working title

The Hate­ful Eight” may­be just a working tit­le, accord­ing to The Hol­ly­wood Repor­ters sources. The tit­le sug­gests Taran­ti­no could be upping the ante, play­ing off the tit­le of John Stur­ges’ 1960 film The Magni­ficent Seven, which in turn was a remake of Aki­ra Kurosawa’s 1954 Seven Samu­rai.

Christoph Waltz and Bruce Dern as lead actors?

Vic­to­ria Tho­mas is respon­si­ble for cas­ting. She alre­ady did a gre­at job, picking the actors for Djan­go Unchai­ned. By now, the­re no defi­ni­ti­ve com­mit­ments by actors. Taran­ti­no sta­tet at a par­ty, which he always throws after the com­ple­ti­on of a new script, that he would love to work with Cris­toph Waltz once again. Waltz’s inter­na­tio­nal bre­akth­rough began with the role of SS-Stan­dar­ten­füh­rer Hans Lan­da in Inglo­rious Bas­ter­ds. After that he play­ed the boun­ty hun­ter “Dr. King Schulz” in Djan­go Unchai­ned, for which he got an Oscar for best sup­porting actor.  In addi­ti­on, a script has repor­ted­ly been sent to Bruce Dern. He did some ama­zing acting in the road movie “Nebras­ka” and is con­s­i­de­red one of the Oscar Favou­rites 2014.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Bild: The Magni­ficent Seven

Quen­tin Tarantino’s new wes­tern “The Hate­ful Eight” with Chris­toph Waltz
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