Samsung is the No. 1 flat-screen TV maker and also the mar­ket lea­der on Ultra-HD-TV sales in Euro­pe. One out of two 4K TVs sold in Euro­pe is made by Samsung. As the Gfk rese­ar­ch agen­cy repor­ted on Thurs­day, Samsung has an sta­ke of 48.3 per­cent in Octo­ber 2013 of the UHD mar­ket.

Com­pa­red to the pre­vious mon­th, Samsung was able to rai­se their shares by 15 per­cent. One of the rea­sons why the samsung has the lar­ge­st mar­ket share is becau­se Samsung is the only manu­fac­turer who pro­mis­ses an upgrade capa­bi­li­ty for all its Ultra-HD-TVs .

In late sum­mer Samsung laun­ched the first ultra-high-defi­ni­ti­on devices in the Euro­pean mar­ket . Whi­le the mar­ket share in Euro­pe as a who­le is just under 50 per­cent, Samsung has a much stron­ger posi­ti­on in the most signi­fi­cant mar­kets such as Ger­many, Fran­ce and the United Kin­dom. In the­se cou­tries the mar­ket share excee­ded 60 per­cent.

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