sony-65X900_1Sony kün­dig­te wäh­rend sei­ner Pres­se­kon­fe­renz auf der NAB 2013 in Las Vegas die Prei­se für sei­ne neu­en 55- und 65-Zoll 4K-Fern­se­her an.

Das 55-Zoll-Modell XBR-55X900 wird für 4.999 $US in den Han­del kom­men, das 65-Zoll-Modell für 6.999 $US. Bereits ab 21 April 2013 wer­den die neu­en Fern­se­her online und im Retail­ge­schäft bestell­bar sein.

Somit bestä­ti­gen sich Gerüch­te, die bereits seit meh­re­ren Wochen im Inter­net kur­sie­ren. Mit dem 55 Zoll Modell sinkt der Preis pro Zoll das ers­te mal unter die 100 $US Mar­ke. Man kann davon aus­ge­hen, dass für den euro­päi­schen Markt die Prei­se direkt über­nom­men wer­den. Somit ste­hen die Gerä­te wohl letzt­end­li­ch mit 4.999,- € bzw. 6.999,- € in den Läden.

Auch die längst ange­kün­dig­ten “Mas­te­red in 4K”-Blu Rays wer­den mit den neu­en Gerä­ten ihren ers­ten Auf­tritt haben. Spi­der-Man (2002), Ghost­bus­ters und Illu­mi­na­ti wer­den den neu­en 4K-Fern­se­hern bei­lie­gen. (Solan­ge der Vor­rat reicht)

Features von Sonys 4K-Fernseher:

Die vier­fa­che Full-HD Auf­lö­sung (3.840 x 2.160) lässt Videos und Bil­der in nie da gewe­se­ner Qua­li­tät erstrah­len.

Dabei spielt es kei­ne Rol­le wenn das ein­ge­hen­de Signal nicht in 4K-Auf­lö­sung ver­füg­bar ist. Dank X-Rea­li­ty PRO Pic­tu­re Engi­ne wird jeg­li­ches Mate­ri­al auf Ultra HD-Auf­lö­sung hoch­s­ka­liert. Somit erstrah­len Fern­seh­sen­dun­gen sowie “alte” DVDs und Blu Rays zu neu­em Leben.

Die kom­plet­te Farb­pa­let­te, inkl. den schwer abzu­bil­den­den Blau-, Grün- und Rot­tö­nen, wird mit dem TRILUMINOUS Dis­play natur­ge­treu wie­der­ge­ge­ben.

Die dyna­mi­sche EDGE-LED Hin­ter­grund­be­leuch­tung ver­spricht sat­te Kon­tras­te und bes­te Schwarz­wer­te.

Erle­ben Sie 3D wie nie­mals zuvor! Erst­mals ist es mög­li­ch via pas­si­ven Poli­bril­len 3D-Fil­me in Full-HD Auf­lö­sung zu erle­ben. So wie es von den Film­stu­di­os ange­dacht ist.

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Sony Announ­ces Pri­ce and Avail­a­bi­li­ty of its New XBR 4K Ultra HD LED TVs

4K Ultra High Defi­ni­ti­on Expe­ri­en­ce Extends into More Living Rooms

Brin­ging Enhan­ced Video, Supe­rior Sound and a Varie­ty of Con­tent Opti­ons to TV Fans

LAS VEGAS, April 7, 2013– Sony Elec­tro­nics is announ­cing pri­ces and avail­a­bi­li­ty for its new 4K Ultra High Defi­ni­ti­on TV sets unvei­led at CES in Janu­a­ry. The new XBR-55X900A (55-inch) and XBR-65X900A (65-inch) 4K Ultra HD LED TVs will cost $4,999 and $6,999 respec­tive­ly and are avail­able for order online and at retail begin­ning April 21, 2013.

Sony is also announ­cing its 4K Media Play­er, the FMP-X1, and video dis­tri­bu­ti­on ser­vice – both indus­try firsts.

The­se new models will be arri­ving in homes just befo­re the sum­mer and are sure to bring the enhan­ced view­ing expe­ri­en­ce of 4K TV to a who­le new audi­en­ce,” said Mike Lucas, senior vice pre­si­dent, Sony Elec­tro­nics Home Divi­si­on. “Our TVs deli­ver a vibrant and natu­ral pic­tu­re that is four-times clea­rer than high defi­ni­ti­on. As for con­tent, the­se new sets enhan­ce all of the video peop­le are watching today, and this sum­mer our 4K media play­er, fol­lo­wed in fall by the video dis­tri­bu­ti­on ser­vice will demons­tra­te how Sony con­ti­nues to lead in brin­ging the 4K enter­tain­ment expe­ri­en­ce to view­ers.”

Star­ting today, six Sony Store loca­ti­ons (Cen­tu­ry City, Calif.; Cos­ta Mesa, Calif.; Hous­ton; Las Vegas; New York and Palo Alto, Calif.) will be the first to fea­ture the XBR-55 & 65X900A 4K TVs, offe­ring con­su­mers in-store demons­tra­ti­ons of true 4K and enhan­ced (ups­ca­led) video.

This sum­mer, con­su­mers of Sony’s 4K UHD TVs can purcha­se the FMP-X1 4K Media Play­er bund­led with 10 fea­ture films and video shorts in true 4K reso­lu­ti­on for $699. In the fall of 2013, users of the same 4K Media Play­er will be given access to a fee-based video dis­tri­bu­ti­on ser­vice offe­ring a libra­ry of 4K tit­les from Sony Pic­tures Enter­tain­ment and other nota­ble pro­duc­tion hou­ses. The fea­ture films inclu­ded with purcha­se of the 4K Media Play­er are Bad Teacher, Batt­le: Los Ange­les, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Kara­te Kid (2010), Salt, Taxi Dri­ver, That’s My Boy, The Ama­zing Spi­der-Man, The Other Guys and Total Recall (2012).

With a varie­ty of opti­ons alre­a­dy avail­able for the home thea­ter, only Sony can bring true 4K con­tent to con­su­mers. Last Novem­ber, in ano­ther first, Sony gave nati­ve 4K movies and video to con­su­mers who purcha­sed the XBR-84X900, Sony’s first and big­ge­st 4K Ultra HD TV. Making good on its pro­mi­se to peri­o­di­cal­ly update and add con­tent to the sys­tem, Sony recent­ly began deli­ver­ing new 4K con­tent to 84-inch XBR owners with the home ser­ver. Along with a slew of new 4K video shorts, the clas­sic film Lawren­ce of Ara­bia has been added to their libra­ries, which was recent­ly remas­te­red in 4K reso­lu­ti­on by Sony Pic­tures Color­works. Owners of the first gene­ra­ti­on video ser­ver will be able to exch­an­ge that device for the FMP-X1 4K Media Play­er, once the dis­tri­bu­ti­on ser­vice laun­ches in the fall.

To coin­ci­de with the avail­a­bi­li­ty of Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TVs, Sony Pic­tures Home Enter­tain­ment is also brin­ging to mar­ket a lin­eup of “Mas­te­red in 4K” Blu-ray™ Discs. With 1080p high defi­ni­ti­on pic­tu­re that’s deri­ved from the hig­hest qua­li­ty 4K sour­ce mate­ri­als with new expan­ded color, con­su­mers will enjoy a dyna­mic and vibrant pic­tu­re that’s both opti­mi­zed for the 4K Ultra HD TVs and plays back on all exis­ting Blu-ray™ play­ers and HDT­Vs. As an added bonus, con­su­mers who purcha­se the XBR-55X900A or XBR-65X900A 4K Ultra HD TV will also recei­ve Spi­der-Man (2002), Ghost­bus­ters and Angels & Demons “Mas­te­red in 4K” Blu-ray Discs (whi­le sup­plies last).

New Sony UHD 4K TV models- Key Fea­tures:

Images beco­me life­li­ke with a reso­lu­ti­on of four-times that of Full HD TV (3840 x 2160) deli­vers life­li­ke images
All con­tent is view­ed at the hig­hest reso­lu­ti­on pos­si­ble with enhan­ced images reaching near 4K with Sony’s pro­prieta­ry two-chip 4K X-Rea­li­ty PRO pic­tu­re engi­ne
All colors, inclu­ding dif­fi­cult blues, greens and reds, are deli­ver­ed natu­ral­ly and accu­ra­te­ly through TRILUMINOS™ Dis­play
An immer­si­ve pic­tu­re draws in view­ers with bla­cker blacks and excel­lent con­trast pro­du­ced with dyna­mic edge-lit, LED back­light­ing
Ama­zing sound from the inte­gra­ted 65 Watt, front-fac­ing, magne­tic fluid spea­ker sys­tem com­ple­ments the stun­ning pic­tu­re
A cine­ma­tic expe­ri­en­ce is brought to life through Full HD 3D and pas­si­ve glas­ses
Enter­tain­ment choices are end­less with WiFi™ con­nec­tivi­ty, inclu­ding access to the full Sony Enter­tain­ment Net­work sui­te of ser­vices
Pre-orders for 4K UHD TVs begin April 21, 2013 at Sony Stores and select retailers nati­onwi­de. The 4K Media Play­er will be avail­able this sum­mer.

Begin­ning April 17, Sony will kick off a year-long part­nership with The Tri­be­ca Film Fes­ti­val to pro­mo­te 4K video pro­duc­tion and dis­tri­bu­ti­on among ama­teur and pro­fes­sio­nal film makers. During the fes­ti­val in New York, Sony will show­ca­se 4K tech­no­lo­gies for use from lens to living room.



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