James Cameron thinks about HFR and 4K for the Avatar Sequels

„Avatar“ startet the 3D-Buzz in cinemas all over the world and is still one of the most successful movies of all time. James Cameron is thinking about High Frame Rate (HRF) and Cinema 4K resolution for the three sequels.

At the end there will be four Avatar movies. Many fans of the Avatar-universe are hyped for the sequels and can’t wait to see how Cameron will change the way we watch movies once again. The preparations for the shooting are in full swing and James Cameron is already thinking about technical ways to make his vision more realistic to the audience.

James Cameron: „We are still at the beginning. We are designing the software, I’m writing screenplays, we are planning all creatures, characters, environments. At the moment I’m not turning anything, we are in the creative phase that will lead us to that. And it’s going really well, I think the movie will be truly spectacular. You will see new worlds, new habitats, new cultures. There will always be the main conflict between the point of view of the human domination of nature and the Na’vi being integrated with it, it will manifest itself in many different ways.“

Shooting in Cinema 4K resolution

Cameron thinks about shooting large parts of the movie in High Frame Rate (HFR). With HFR recording there are 48 frames per second instead of the usual 24. This ensures more flowing movements, especially in action-packed scenes. It is clear that Cameron wants to shoot in 4K, which is already supported by many movie theaters. Big cinema chains have changed for some time completely to digital 4K systems. In addition, the sequels are definitely in 3D in theaters. In this case, the resolution would „shrink“ to 2K. Maybe there will be 4K 3D when the the first sequel comes out.

Cost of over $ 1 Billion for all 3 Sequels

Once the technical requirements for the new movies are created, Cameron wants to shoot part 2, 3 and 4 of Avatar in one piece. This is to save money and nerves. The total cost for the shooting would amount to over $ 1 billion! It’s actually not that much money, if you assume that the first Avatar movie has already cost 500 million euros.

James Cameron: „We look at high frame rate. I deal with it. So far I have not made a decision as to whether the entire movie is shot in HFR, or just parts of it. We will now move with a natural resolution of 4K and when the film appears there should already be a lot of theaters that support it. „

Via: filmjunkies.de (german)

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