Netflix Partner EyeIO testet Ultra HD-Streaming via Internet (Video)

Die Netflix Partner-Firma, EYE IO, hat eine neue Version ihrer Encoding-Software veröffentlicht. Die neue Version soll so effizient sein, das man Ultra HD/4K Videos über das Internet streamen kann.

EYE IO LLC behauptet ihre neue H.264 Softwareencodierung arbeitet 45 Prozent schneller und reduziert die  Übertragungsbitrate um 26 Prozent im Gegensatz zur ersten Version der Software. Auch die Bildqualität soll sich nochmals verbessert haben.

Im folgenden Jahr, soll auch der neue Codec-Standard H.265 integriert werden, der noch effizienter arbeiten soll als der „gepimpte“ H.264. Man kann davon ausgehen das Netflix sich früh genug für die „Ultra HDcalypse*“ rüsten möchte – wenn sie denn kommt. (*Somit habe ich auch das Thema Weltuntergang einmal angesprochen)

„Das Ziel ist weltweit HD-Inhalte über das Internet anzubieten“ sagt der Firmenchef Rodolfo Vargas.

Netflix ist einer der größten Anbietern von „Video on Demand“ in den USA. Der Anbieter bietet seine Dieste auch in Europa und Asien an.

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eyeIO Announces Second Generation of Technology – HD Video Over Internet for Audiences Worldwide

New product suite achieves new levels for ultra-low-bandwidth Internet video – enabling delivery of full HD 3D, StudioHD, and UltraHD (4K Video)

PALO ALTO, CA – December 20, 2012 – Eye IO, LLC (eyeIO) today unveiled its second-generation technology raising the bar for Internet video quality. Improving production speed and efficiency, the expanded product suite includes Studio HD, Full-HD 3D as well as UltraHD (4K video). eyeIO utilizes a revolutionary, artificial intelligence approach to consistently deliver market standard based high-quality video. The next-generation eyeIO software suite builds on the breakthrough technology that was first unveiled in February 2012 and has been successfully tested for interoperability on hundreds of H.264 devices.

Compared to its first generation, eyeIO’s next generation of H.264 software encodes 45% faster and reduces bitrates by an additional 26% while integrating Studio-level profiles that improve video data on several fronts by more than 50%. eyeIO HDRes now provides super-fast playback and even clearer, crisper images. eyeIO’s 3D suite is available with MVC, frame-sequential or frame-packing options for seamless deployment worldwide on connected Smart 3D TVs and 3D-enabled players and consoles.

The eyeIO engine operates automatically and elastically, locally or in the cloud, and reduces infrastructure costs and operational complexity while achieving a new level of production stability. To date, more than 65 billion video frames have been produced with a record of zero software crashes. The suite comes with extensive industry-standard APIs for easy, flexible integration and a rich real-time reporting capability.

With today’s announcement, eyeIO’s advanced capabilities extend to meet the growing needs of HD video providers to increase their audience reach, video delivery efficiency, and picture quality while ultimately reducing cost.

• eyeIO StudioRes. Built to Hollywood’s 4K requirements, eyeIO StudioRes delivers UltraHD, studio-grade H.264 videos (10 bit, 4:2:2 video, xvYCC). eyeIO StudioRes is available for both package media and Internet streaming delivery to bring no-compromise pictures to the next generation of 85″ and larger UltraHD/4K screens.
• eyeIO.265. Brings eyeIO technology to the coming H.265 HEVC ITU standard and long-term industry efforts.
• eyeOS. The eyeIO video operating system. A superior, true UNIX™ Operating System featuring advanced kernel enhancements achieving ultra-stability, bare-metal virtualization performance, automatic load-balancing transcoding, closed-environment security, elastic scalability, and advanced 4K video processing including native support for the forthcoming Interoperable Master Format (IMF). eyeOS will be available in beta form for larger enterprises in the spring of 2013.

„Today, eyeIO delivers the future of television and sets new benchmarks for quality and bandwidth. We are excited to offer these innovative solutions to bring stunning HD television to viewers around the world.“ said Rodolfo Vargas, CEO and CTO of eyeIO, „We are delivering today what other technologies promise for tomorrow-without their associated costs or performance penalties, and more importantly without compromising interoperability with millions of installed devices. Our goal is the best TV experience ever-anywhere, anytime on any connected device.“

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About eyeIO
Eye IO, LLC (eyeIO) is a privately held, Palo Alto-based startup developing breakthrough solutions that represent the culmination of years of research in video technology. eyeIO technology enables content providers, over-the-top (OTT) entrepreneurs, and network operators to deliver premium digital video over the current Internet infrastructure at exceptionally low bandwidths worldwide. It enables its customers to reach the complete universe of connected devices, including tablet, smartphones and smart TVs with unsurpassed quality.

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