Phi­lips recent­ly announ­ced, that they will show two new 4K Moni­tors with 24 and 28 inch dis­play on CeBIT 2014 in Han­no­ver (Ger­many). The Com­pany MMD Moni­tors, which sells and pro­mo­tes licen­sed moni­tors and sina­ge dis­plays under the name Phi­lips, wants to offer 4K Moni­tors for less than 1.000 Euros in Euro­pe.

MMD Moni­tors alre­a­dy pas­sed on some infor­ma­ti­on of the new 4K Moni­tors at IFA 2013. The panel tech­no­lo­gy is sup­po­sed­ly pro­vi­ded by LG Dis­play. The UHD screens should appeal office users as well as gra­phic artists and desi­gners ali­ke. The­re are not much more infor­ma­ti­on on the new 4K moni­tors so far. We assu­me that we will get fur­ther infor­ma­ti­ons in the next weeks or months, at the latest on CeBIT 2014. The 24 inch modell will cost round about 950 Euros (1.300 Dol­lar US). The pri­ce of the 28 inch modell hasn’t come up yet.

The 4K Panels  Bereits zur IFA 2013 hat MMD Moni­tors ers­te Infor­ma­tio­nen zu den neu­en Ultra HD Bild­schir­men gelie­fert. Die Panel­tech­nik wird angeb­li­ch von LG Dis­plays bereit­ge­stellt.

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